Thursday, October 06, 2011

Adieu, Piste

One last interval session on the track before the marathon next weekend. With a planned rest period of minimal running after the race and through November, the snow could start flying by the time I start ramping up the mileage in December for the start of the Boston Marathon training cycle around Christmas time. That means it's quite possible I won't hit the track again until the snow melts in late winter/early spring. That's a long ways off and it makes me kind of sad. I really do love the occasional track workout.

Today called for a light session of intervals to give the legs some turnover without wearing them down. In other words, a light reminder of what fast feels like. The session called for 6 X 800M at a 3K-5K race pace with 2:00 rest. I guessed that was just a bit under 3:00 so that's what I shot for.

So it was nice to hit the track one last time. I wasn't feeling too in sync today. Far from craptastic... I just didn't feel too peppy and I think that was due in large part to not warming up enough (cool and windy out again today). The last three splits felt the most fluent.

w/u: Ran 1.0 mile @ 8:05/mile pace.
6 X 800M w/ 2:00 rest. Splits: 2:51, 2:56, 2:58, 2:55, 2:53, 2:56.
c/d: Ran 1.0 mile @ 8:34/mile pace.
Mid 50s, partly cloudy, windy.
Brooks Mach 13, shorts, short sleeved shirt.

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iRunParis said...

Ok I see what you mean about short warm up now. I try to always hit at least 2 miles in warm up, even when it's hot, just really hard to jump start the engine if not. p.s. I never said this when I read it, but the "poop" chapter in your book was funny and insightful. I once used a frozen newspaper I found in 8 inches of Indiana snow. Not the wisest move.