Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stupid Cold

Not the weather, the sickness. Just as I had good momentum going with the training the past few weeks, it's been thwarted by coming down with a nasty head cold, forcing me to take yesterday and today off from doing anything other than work.

Ah, but could be worse. It's not the flu. Few days off shouldn't hurt the training much, it's more just wanting to do it is all. Maybe tomorrow I'll be good enough to do something, but will play it by ear.


Trail Monster Running said...

That sucks. I know because I have the same nasty head cold. I felt it coming on Sunday afternoon and by Monday morning it was full blown hell in my head.

Jamie said...

Ian, no doubt we got the exact same bug. I bet we got it at the aid station on Saturday. Raw garlic and OJ time!

pathfinder said...


Do you keep that tiny violin close by in preparation for these types of occasions?