Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Faster But Still Slow

Another skate ski today at Harris Farm. Conditions were better than yesterday, but still very slow. I ventured on to some of the trails less taken, which was slow going as there was much more loose snow on some of those sections. That definitely slowed the overall pace down considerably. I'd say it's the running equivalent of running through thick mud.

However, the more popular trails were much more manageable, but still slow as it was snowing while I was skiing and had been doing so for a few hours before I arrived. They had groomed the trails earlier, but it's hard to keep up with mother nature.

Set a new distance PR today. Overall, I felt great. The breaks to catch my breath, while still numerous, continue to be taken less frequently.

Skate skied 9.3 kilometers @ 8.9 kph/avg.
Trails with fresh, loose snow. Slow conditions.
Very hilly.
Lower 30s, overcast, moderate to light snowfall throughout.
Long pants, windbreaker, short sleeved shirt, beanie, gloves.


middle.professor said...

Way to go Jamie. Make sure to keep working on technique while *going slow*. If you're taking breaks to catch a breath you're going to fast! On hills, focus on faster turnover, side-to-side weight transfer and not "stepping" the ski up the hill. Gliding is your friend and fast turnover keeps the skis gliding - even up hill!

Jamie said...

Thanks Jeff! Good advice. Yeah, I was thinking that recently about needing to pace myself more.