Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Another Good Run

Today I ran the same route as yesterday (railroad bed trails near the school) and it also went well. I'm finally feeling a lot more like my old self again. Runs of this distance are simply feeling easy once more. Cool.

It is with regret that I take a rest day tomorrow. Thursday evenings I have grad school. I could get in my run in the early morning, and I may do that soon. But as I adjust to the new schedule, I'd prefer not to do too much. I'd like to be somewhat alert for the first day.

Ran 8.2 miles @ 8:20/mile pace.
Slightly hilly.
Upper 70s, sunny.
Shorts, short sleeved shirt.


sn0m8n said...

Good to hear the parts are feeling good. Feeling sucky is sucky.

J. Garry Power said...

Good to hear that your running is back where you want it. The struggles only make us appreciate the good runs all that much more.