Friday, May 30, 2008

Some Pineland Farms Pictures

Stephen's wife, Kelly, took some pictures of us at the race last Sunday. Stephen also wrote up an excellent report on his blog. Check it out, it's a great read. I'm still in awe of his placing, and he wasn't even getting in a ton of mileage prior to the race. This guy is a demon and I'm lucky to have him pacing me at Western States. I will be in great hands since he's a good friend who knows me well and his athleticism is amazing.

Emma and I:

Emma, Ian and I:
Me one second away from crossing the finish line in 8:33:41:


mindy said...

Nice pics! If I look really close, I can see myself and my crutches at the finish clapping (I'm clapping, not my crutches). Awesome run, Jamie.

Thomas said...

You certainly did not exaggerate when you had said that you had shaved your head bald.