Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Speed Workout

800M warm-up @ ~8:00/mile pace
1 mile in 5:41
4 X 400M (1:27, 1:23, 1:15, 1:17)
800M cool-down @ ~ 7:40/mile pace.
Weather: 70 degrees, sunny, windy.

I was in my classroom today, getting things ready for the upcoming school year, so it was also a good day to get in a speed workout at the school's track. It has been a long while since I've done a true speed workout, so overall I'm pretty happy with how it went, but also see the need for improvement.

I ran two laps as a warm-up and then was set to crank out a mile (the track is marked to show the extra distance needed after four laps to make a true mile). I was certain I could do it in under 5:30, but today showed differently. That's fine, it just means I have some work to do.

I then rested about five minutes, probably way longer than I should have, and then did the 400M repeats, also with t0o much time in between (a good three minutes, maybe even more). First one was slow, and I knew it. Picked up the pace on the second one, and knew I still could do it faster. Third one, zoom! I was much happier with that. And the fourth one, not too bad either.

So, it didn't go perfectly, but that's fine. I'm rusty with the speed workouts is all. I at least have a good starting point to go off of now.


Runner NYC said...

Nice work, Jamie!

Bob Gentile said...

good job Jamie, I am in taper time now but Speed work was a focus up until that last 2 month (kinda blew it off) the track is humbling :-( just kicks my ass!

But when I get back I do know that this has to be part of my future plans ....just have to change my mindset!

i love track work ((sigh))

OK wait,,,, "I LOVE TRACK WORK!!!" (ok that's better)

Love2Run said...

How about Speedy Workout? I'm impressed with your speed and picking up with each 400.