Thursday, August 09, 2007

Phedippidations Mention!

An amendment to my entry today... so, I'm laying in my bed listening to this week's edition of Phedippidations, a very popular podcast on running. I seriously love this podcast, and look forward to listening to it each week. As I'm listening to this week's topic on how the body is willing and it's often the mind that isn't, I'm feeling quite relaxed and then all of a sudden I startle to life:

The host, Steve Runner, plugged my blog (~45 minutes into the show)! He gave a really great description of it and mentioned my performances at the Vermont 100 and the MDI Marathon. I am EXTREMELY honored! Thanks Steve!

Phedippidations is available on the link provided and also on iTunes.

Happy running!


Bob Gentile said...

nice blog plug...and thanks for the podcast info, never heard of this site.

Love2Run said...

Cool, Jamie is now our local media star! I listen to and enjoy all his great episodes.

Blaine Moore said...

Congrats! I got a plug for my site back in episode 42, but I'm a little behind and need to catch up on the latest shows. I'll give it a listen this week!