Monday, August 20, 2007

New Trail Race Coming to Maine

I'm pleased to help spread the word about a new trail race coming to Maine, made possible by my good friends Stephen and Ian. This has all started to come together very quickly and recently, so some details are still being worked out but here are some specifics on what is known so far:

Date: October 28th
Length: 15K
Where: Bradbury Mountain State Park
Terrain: Hilly, technical trails

Ian is one of the race directors for the Pinelands Farm 50K. Ask anyone, that race is extremely well put together, and Ian's expertise will ensure yet another great event. Plus, he's just a great guy.

Stephen is an employee at L.L. Bean, and when he explained the race to his contacts there, they were very happy to help out and sponsor the event. Great company, and very nice to have a huge name backing this event. It will most definitely be mutually beneficial for the race and L. L. Bean.

Other details are still being worked out, but I'll save mentioning those for later once they become concrete. But one thing that is for sure, this race is on and it will be a fun and challenging time. Please consider entering it if you live in or will be visiting the area.

I'll post registration details once they become available, but just wanted to plant a bug in anyone's ears who might be reading this.


Ultra Flash said...

Thanks for the race plug, Jamie. I ran the trails Saturday and they are awesome! Great for new and experienced trail runners alike.

olga said...

The more of those the better. Your running is in full swing as if you never even did a 100 miler.
And thank you so much for your awesome words, the fill my heart.

Marc said...

Jamie - I will certainly pass this on to some folks around here...the Farmington area is home to several trail monsters (yours truly is, I am sorry to say, not one of them).

Blaine Moore said...

I hope that everything goes well; unfortunately, I have a prior commitment that weekend to run the Marine Corps Marathon. I was hoping that it would be the week or two before so that I could at least help out if not run the race. It should be a good time!