Monday, August 06, 2007


Thank God I'll never have to do this again. All four of my wisdom teeth were taken out this morning, a procedure I have delayed for the past decade because... well, I hate going to the dentist, let alone an oral surgeon. However, my doctor was a very nice and well qualified guy who made me feel comfortable and I knew I was in good hands.

They put me under, and the last thing I remember was talking about ultramarathoning with the nurses and my doctor. Apparently when I came to, I asked the nurse at least five times when I'd be able to run again. The answer each time was a very kind and patient "maybe by tomorrow". And once I asked "how long will I be able to go?". She apparently wasn't sure how to answer, and my friend Sarah got a good laugh out of it. I don't remember any of that, however. I have a vague recollection of driving home and seeing double of everything, but that's all I can remember between initially being put under and waking up from a nap after Sarah drove me home. While I was asleep, she went out and bought me all sorts of additional goodies and got my prescription filled. Thanks Sarah! Just mixed a yogurt smoothie with some wheat grass and that really hit the spot.

A bit painful at times, but this isn't as bad as I thought it'd be.
The vicodin will no doubt help as well. Alright, enough ranting. I generally don't like posting about anything unless it's more running related, but thought my somewhat nonsensical running inquiries to the nurse might amuse a few of you.

Happy running, and I'll be back out there "maybe by tomorrow."


Blaine Moore said...

My brother had his teeth yanked when he was 17 or 18 and was playing basketball the next day. I had mine removed at 14 and was laid out for a week. Hopefully you are in more of the next day situation.

I remember when they put me out that they told me to count backwards from 100. I think that I got to 97.

Love2Run said...

Ouch! glad to hear you've stocked up on ice cream. I remember my son talking nonsense when he had his removed and he never remembered any of it.

Runner NYC said...

I did the same thing! My friend, Sue, who came to pick me up at the hospital when I got hit by the car, told me that I kept telling the medical staff that I was running 22 miles the next day. They kept telling me I wouldn't. They were right. Sue thought it was hilarious!

Hope you're feeling better soon! Any ice-cream recommendations?

Jamie said...

Haagen Daz (sp?) coffee flavored frickin' rocks. I'm also a huge Ben and Jerry fan. But alas, I'm in the process of modifying my diet and ice cream and other sweets will be curtailed even more.

Marc said...

I am with you on the dentist thing - not exactly my favorite either.

Hey, a belated congrats on the ultra. You are insane. Any time anyone starts a sentence with "I was hoping to finish in under 24 hours..." there has got to be something wrong.

That'd be great if you could join us for a training run on MDI.

Mark said...

btw, nice new 'about me' photo on your blog

good luck with your teeth

Bob Gentile said...

Jamie said:And once I asked "how long will I be able to go?". She apparently wasn't sure how to answer, and my friend Sarah got a good laugh out of it.
LOLOL ahhh that is great, not only can I run but HOW long can I go :-)

Hey it's OK to post a few things outside of running, don't want to think that is all we do, ummm even though that is umm all we do (smile)

Recover well!!

olga said...

Wow, all 4 at the same time! And remember, you do not run ON your teeth:) OK, forgiven for a couple of days. Heal up, spit some blood and drink vodka - it disinfects and anelgesise!