Sunday, May 27, 2007

Volunteering at the Pineland Farms 50K

I had the pleasure to film the Pineland Farms 50K race in New Gloucester today. A good friend and fellow Trail Monster runner (and founder of said running team/club), Ian, and another friend Erik are the race directors, and it is one heck of an awesome race. I'm proud to say that the Trail Monsters posted first in the team division! Wish I could have helped, but very glad to see my friends win it. Another friend Emma, who is Ian's wife, also took first woman for the 25K race. Congrats!!! Awesome job guys!!!

Looking forward to editing the footage. I had the help of John who manned another camera. We both got countless great shots and now we'll pick what works best for what is needed. Plan is to make a nice promotional video for the race next year and also a memoir of this year for any runner to look at. Should take a few weeks, and I'll post them when they're ready in case anyone is interested in seeing them.

As for my own running, I've taken the past few days off because of the shin splint, and also because I had a fly fishing lesson yesterday. Will resume tomorrow.

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olga said...

Hope to see the movie! Be careful with legs, may be you're running too fast? :) not that you can help here. Try trails for some of your runs.
I've seen barefoot marathoners and heard of those on trails, but saw one for a trail ultra fist time. His feet looked normal!