Monday, May 28, 2007

A Fun Run

Ran 9.4 miles @ 8:17/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - 158/171
Paved roads and trails.
Slightly hilly.
Mid 70s, sunny.

Goal today was take it slow and easy. Was able to do just that. The result, a very easy and fun run. The sun was warm, but not oppressively hot. Shin splint went away and never flared up (the result of three days rest and some vitamin I taken before the run, no doubt). It was simply pleasant.

During the run, I had thought of one of Andrew's recent posts about running slower and longer and gaining aerobic capacity. With that in mind, I'm planning on doing more miles this week, but all at a slow pace. Now the main reason for this is for less pounding on the body while ramping up my miles. I'm not going to go crazy, that will probably just make my shin splint flare up again, but will experiment with going nice and slow for the week and adjust as needed.


Anonymous said...

You looked good out there today. It's been odd not having you out there running every day. Hope things keep going as well as they have been and soon you'll be back to the normal you.

Marc said...

Nice to see the mileage climbing up there.

Long and slow should serve you well as you recover and ramp back up to full training mode.