Friday, December 08, 2006

Looking Down the Road

This morning, I headed downstairs to the kitchen, savoring the smell of the coffee brewing in my pot that was started a few minutes ago by the timer. I looked out in my backyard and my eyes widened with excitement: Snow! Our first real snowfall of the year. My next thought came just a second later, which was that I was glad I decided to switch my rest day from yesterday to today. Not so much for the snow, but for the winds we're supposed to get later today along with highs only in the 20s.

I thought I'd take advantage of the tranquility of the morning and lay out my projected race schedule, so here it goes:

Plan A (assumes BQ in Feburary along with a knock on wood)
Feb. 25th - Hyannis Marathon
April 16th - Boston Marathon
May 13th - Portland Sea Dogs 5K
May 27th - Pineland Farms 50K ultra
July 20-21st - Vermont 100 ultra
Sept. 30th - Vermont 50 ultra
Oct. 14th - MDI Marathon

Plan B (if I don't BQ at Hyannis)
Feb. 25th - Hyannis Marathon
April 14th - Bull Run Run 50M ultra
May 20th - Sugarloaf Marathon (BQ attempt)
July 20-21st - Vermont 100 ultra
Sept. 30th - Vermont 50 ultra
Oct. 14th - MDI Marathon

There's a two month gap between May and July to allow the type of training I want to do to prepare for the 100-miler. I'm going to enter the lottery for the Mt. Washington Road Race in mid June, but since I got in last year, I'll just go ahead and assume I won't again this year but if I do it'll be a nice surprise. Lot's of fun stuff to look forward to!


Andrew said...

All I can say is 'wow!'.

Mark said...

nice plan, hope to see you at the races

BAPP said...

Hope you get to go with Plan A. If not, your year sounds fun either way and Plan A may be shifted to next year.

olga said...

Great plan, go for it! I'll keep my fingers crossed on BQ and will follow you on VT100!