Sunday, December 17, 2006

Fending Boredom

First, the good news: I awoke this morning and the achilles feels nearly 100% (still going to rest today as a precaution). That's obviously a huge relief, as I've always heard horror stories about achilles injuries. Mine never felt like anything major, but I'm glad I didn't give it the chance to become one. I think running on it might have made it worse, based on the tinges of pain I felt on Friday's run. I'm really looking forward to getting out there again tomorrow.

Now, the whining: Weekends sure are boring without running. The extra few hours I have each day seem enormous. Yesterday was well spent by going over to LL Bean with a friend to finish up my Christmas shopping. Today? Perhaps finish recording a song I'm working on and of course, watching the Patriots rebound from last weekend's loss and slaughtering the Texans.


Love2Run said...

You're way smarter than I am. Achilles sore? Ignore it and it goes away after a mile or 2... then it comes back later in the run just to remind me of the negligence. One of these weeks I might do some strengthening exercises. Keep us posted and hope you're back at it soon!

Marc said...

Very good news on the Achilles!

Fending off the boredom is indeed a challenge when not out on the roads. As my wife says, I am either thinking about running, getting ready to run, running, or talking about running. What else is there?

olga said...

Take care of the injury before it blows full out. A few days are nothing comparing to a few months.

Mark said...

easy on that achilles - on the trail last week I pulled a stick against my right achilles and it bruised up a fair amount. nof un at all I feel for ya!

did you migrate your account to beta?

Jamie said...

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate it. It could have been much worse, I'm just glad that's not the case. I'll be proceeding with caution tomorrow, but I don't anticipate any problems.

Mark - yep, I'm on beta.