Thursday, May 30, 2013

Looking Forward

Past several days off, might take most of the rest of this week off. Two reasons: To recharge mentally, which is working. I'm getting itchy again. The second reason is my ribs are a bit sore. I suspect the 29 miles on Sunday did not aggravate them. However, performing a series of cartwheels as a distraction tactic during a frisbee game on Monday might have. At least it worked.

I've been doing a lot of fly fishing since I haven't been running. What is dangerous is, and not to brag, but I have been doing extremely well with it lately. I've already lost track of how many fish I've caught. Naturally, that success only fuels the fire. Once summer rolls around, I'll have plenty of time to both run and fish and that's just two or so more weeks away (w00t!). But starting next week, running will take precedence again while school is still in session, assuming the ribs calm down a little. I'll still fish, but will plan it around the running.

Check out this 14" rainbow trout I caught (and released) the other day. I used a prince nymph that I tied just the day before. See what I mean? This is addicting:

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