Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mountain Biking and Post-Race Legs

Wanted to shake the legs loose a little, so opted to take the mountain bike out on some easy trails. Didn't press the pace too hard and just enjoyed cruising around in the woods out back.

Legs are feeling pretty great after the 50-miler. Though I've experienced it before, I'm still amazed at how much less trails beat you up. My quads in particular were so trashed after the Boston Marathon, and I couldn't walk down the the stairs normally for three days afterwards.

But after Pineland? Sure, my legs are sore, but it's really not that bad and stairs are not the enemy (from a favorite Ryan quote of mine). Where as with Boston running was out of the question for nearly a week afterwards, I feel I could have gone for a short and easy run today without consequence. That being said, I've learned my lesson several times on pushing things too soon, and even if the legs feel fine, there is often still some healing to be done.

So, I plan on taking tomorrow off and then resume some light running on Thursday. I'll slowly ramp up the mileage over the next few weeks and should still be able to get in some quality weeks of hard training before it's time to taper down for the Brookvale 50k at the end of July. Looking forward to it!

Mountain Biked 5.5 miles @ 9.7/mph avg.
Slightly hilly.
Mid 70s, sunny.

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mindy said...

Nice work Jamie. We definitely have to check out that park in Biddeford/Saco - great running and mt biking. Heal up well!