Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week Recap

Just woke up from a nap and crunched some numbers:  I ran 22.6 miles for the week, and mountain biked 24.6 miles.  I raised my eyebrows a bit at that, as it seems a bit much for week two post injury.  However, I have to factor in that I was doing a lot of mountain biking while waiting for the foot to heal, so I'm starting running again while in somewhat decent cardiovascular shape.

Also, I've been keeping the daily mileage low, but have just been consistant which helped bring up the mileage total.  And also, I've been doing most of the runs slow.

How's that for rationalization?

Still, I should be careful.  I'm feeling terrific though.  Amazing how much difference the biking has made during the time off from running.  Wish I would have done that in my other injury lay-offs.  

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