Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Another Step Up

Ran the trail route this afternoon that goes up past my town's transfer station.  This was the longest distance run post-injury so far, and by far the hilliest.  It wasn't easy, but I thought it would feel tougher than it did.

The pace was also excellent at this stage, and that wasn't even pushing it, just running at what felt comfortable.  All very good signs, and the foot continues to feel great.  The mountain biking has definitely helped keep a lot of cobwebs off, but of course there is still a reacclimation period.   But everything is going great, so I'm quite happy!

Ran 4.8 miles @ 8:51/mile pace.
Deer flies killed: 7.
Trails, some dirt roads.
Very hilly.
Upper 60s, partly cloudy.
Asics Trail Attacks, shorts, sleeveless shirt.


Sparkplug said...

Hurray! Glad the running is coming along nicely and easily!

vja said...

Good job (I mean on the deer fly kill : ) ) Oh, and on the running, too!