Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kansas City

I'm in Kansas City for a school competition (Skills USA), which is great so far.   Four of my students are competing on the national level after winning the state competition in both media categories (teams of two students each).   Good kids, and it's great to be out here with them along with another teacher. 

So, I actually had a few hours this morning and set out to run a few miles.  Wanted to take it slow and easy which was aided by several factors: 1) No idea where I was running and constantly slowed and stopped to make route decisions. 2) Was in the Vibram Five Fingers. 3) Sore quads still from the Mt. Washington speed hike. Very hot out, mid 80s and somewhat humid, but it oddly felt rather pleasant. 

Also, the Skills USA national competition is a huge event.  Overwhelmingly big, with a lot going on.  Turns out one of the extra things they have going on is a 5K race on Friday, so I went ahead and registered.  Not going to race it hard, but it'll be fun nonetheless. 

Ran 4.7 miles @ 10:12/mile pace. 
Paved roads and some trails. 
Slightly hilly. 
Mid 80s, sunny, humid. 
Shorts, short sleeved shirt. 

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Grellan said...

Good to see your running coming on Jamie. Enjoy the race on Friday - i'm sure it'll feel great to pin on a number and get the competitive juices flowing.

With your training plan for MDI i'm sure the weight will fall off. I've never done the YASSO's but tend to agree with Rick that the prediction is optimitic.