Sunday, December 02, 2007

Use the Force

I set out late this morning to explore some new trails in the woods out back. I came across a new snowmobile trail while hunting a few weeks ago and was curious where it went. Today I ran it and combined with a section I already knew about, so now I have a nice little three-mile dumbbell loop.

As I was running by the lake near the end of the run, I started hearing what sounded like laser guns firing from Star Wars. It was quite bizarre at first, but then I realized it was the ice on the lake moving. I stopped to listen to it for a few minutes. Pretty neat.

Still giddy over getting in the WS100. Running has new meaning and purpose now, as every run I do is for said race, even if it is still a ways off.

Big storm moving in tonight. A snow day tomorrow is all but assured. Hopefully my neighbor will take his snowmobile out and pack down the trails tomorrow so I can get in some quality cross-country skiing.

Ran 3.0 miles @ 9:20/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - 149/167
Technical trails.
Very hilly.
Mid 20s, partly sunny.
Long pants, fleece jacket, long sleeved tech shirt, beanie, gloves.


Blaine Moore said...

I was exploring some trails near my house today as well. I found one that is constantly marked as "Stay on Marked Trail," including right before it dumps you out into a field.

Unfortunately, it's a pretty good sized field, and the trail is not only not marked but is not very obvious. I ran to a few spots near the middle and looked around, but couldn't figure out how to get out of it. The entire field is fenced in.

Very strange. I ran back the way that I came and then took the roads to where I knew it would let out, and saw where the opening was. Next time I'll be able to keep going.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that sound...different lake, but the sound is universal, and COOL.

Good luck at WS! Now I have someone else to watch this summer. WS is a goal of mine, once I finish one or two other 100's. I want to go there confident I will finish the race if I get in.