Monday, December 03, 2007

Cross Country Skiing

School was canceled across the entire state of Maine today because of the snowstorm. So after a fair amount of snow shoveling, I had a late breakfast and then busted out the XC skis to get in some practice. The paths in the woods out back were unbroken, so that provided a good workout but also made the going pretty slow. Also, I'm not very proficient at this yet, so that also kept me at turtle speed.

I more or less did an out and back with a few side excursions, so I was able to do the true kick-and-glide at times on the way back in the grooves I already laid down. I'm almost proud to say I didn't fall once, but I guess that also means I wasn't trying my hardest. It was fun though. Hope to do more this winter, conditions permitting.

XC Skied 3.6 miles @ 2.6 mph
AHR/MHR - 118/146
Unbroken trails, mostly powdery snow.
Slightly hilly.
Lower-mid 20s, snowing.
Snow pants, Gore-tex shell over short sleeved tech shirt, beanie, mittens.


Blaine Moore said...

I have cross country skied once now; I need to get myself some skies so that I can get out there this year. It was a lot of fun, even if Erin did neglect to tell me how to slow down or stop...

Bob Gentile said...

good luck with that white stuff and cross country skiing...ok I am off to the pool now--lol

ok sorry about that last part but SOOO the reason I moved down to FL 4 years from NJ was to get out of that cold weather, not a fan of it...burrrrrrrrrrr

Bundle up Bro!!

Bob Gentile said...

BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I just seen you got in WS100 ....

CONGRATSSSSSSSSSSSSS! You are going to do awesome!!

Marc said...

Looks as though it will be a good year for skiing. You should come over some weekend for a run and some skiing...we've miles and miles of trails.

Mark said...

xc skis way to go, getting my interest up