Sunday, February 24, 2013


I should be averaging 60+ miles a week. So, it shouldn't seem like an accomplishment that I finally did so this week. It should be the norm. However, glad all the same. At least my legs have been demonstrating solid performances (for me) at races so far the past month or so, so at least that's encouraging. I think I'm definitely ahead of where I was at this point last year overall with speed. And despite the lower weekly mileage, the endurance still appears to be there.

Easy fiver in moderate to heavy snowfall this morning. Mix of paved roads, fire roads and trails.. all coated in at least a few inches of snow, depending on the surface. Really beautiful outside. It's a shame more people don't get outside to enjoy this kind of scenery. They have no idea what they're missing out on.

Ran 5.3 miles @ 9:44/mile pace.
Paved roads, fire roads and trails, all coated in varying depths of snow.
Slightly hilly.
Lower 30s, overcast, moderate to heavy snowfall.
Nike Waffle Racer XIII, Yaktrax Pro, long tights, windbreaker, long sleeved shirt, buff, cap, gloves.


cesar bobadilla said...

Nice work this week

LouAnn Tovey said...

I also ran out in the snow... what a beautiful run!