Thursday, January 24, 2013

Appeasing the Vogons

I am taking an online creative writing class. It's fun. We have to do quite a bit poetry. I don't know poetry very well, so this is good. I like to think I'm a writer, so for various reasons I feel it's important to become more familiar with it.

Our first assignment was to write a poem that is a list of things. It's due on Sunday. No sentences allowed. Here's what I came up with:

Broken-in trail running shoes
Fresh pair of socks
Technical shirt with several holes
Clean shorts
Start button on a duct-taped GPS watch

Longer, less traveled path
Smell of pine
Deer running away
Steep climb

Sweat on the brow
Flowing lactic acid
Stop button

Gatorade in fridge
Warm shower

A step closer



Robert Stuart said...

Looks like a fun assignment. Is this a University of Maine online course?

Jamie said...

Robert, yep, UM online course. I was hesitant about taking a course online, but the format works very well.

Sparkplug said...

Like the poem, Jamie! Very nice. Sounds like a fun class too!