Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twenty More

Did another day of doubles. Foot continues to improve and felt back to "normal" today. That means no pain or discomfort at all while running and the foot only feels a little tight when I'm not running.

Next few runs will be very slow. Tomorrow I plan on eight slow miles on the trails out back. Saturday I plan on 30 miles on the trails at Pineland Farms and will run it at the pace I do 100-mile races (wicked slow, walking most uphills and running the rest slow). That will leave Sunday with only around three miles left to get over 100 miles for the week. I feel on track to reach this goal. Energy is great and the legs are tired, but feel up for the task.

Morning Run
Ran the Saco River route and purposely kept it very slow throughout to ensure I get through the day. Run felt very comfortable as a result. Battled a very strong headwind on the way back, which seemed to blow at it's hardest on the uphills.

Ran 15.3 miles @ 9:01/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - N/A (didn't feel like wearing strap)
Paved roads.
Moderately hilly.
Mid 40s to lower 50s, partly cloudy, very windy.
Shorts, long sleeved shirt, two short sleeved shirts.

Afternoon Run
Seemed especially short and sweet after the past handful of runs. Met a friendly dog while running who tried to run with me for a while but fortunately he turned back home.

Ran 4.7 miles @ 8:37/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - 149/159
Paved roads.
Mostly flat.
Mid 50s, mostly cloudy, very windy (gusts 30+ mph)
Shorts, long sleeved shirt, short sleeved shirt.


mindy said...

Makin' hay!! See you Sat at Pineland.

middle.professor said...

Aweful Jamie! As in "full of Awe". I'd be a crippled, bitter old man if I ran 100 miles in a week.

Grellan said...

Very solid running Jamie. Glad to hear the foot is coming right after your Boston trip. You're coming into form at the right time.

Laurel said...

You're having a great week of running. A one hundred mile week is only something I see when I actually race 100 miles on one of the days of that week!

pathfinder said...

And I'm excited to break 100 for the month!! Geesh I am tired thinking about it.

Bob - said...

hmmm looks like someone has been getting in da "WS" groove :-)

Nice Miles Bro, keep it up!!

Sparkplug said...

Sounds like you are getting in some good running. Nice!