Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Bit Better and Recovery Thoughts

Today's run almost felt like it was going to be a continuation of Sunday's craptastic little run, but thankfully I shook that off after two miles and felt quite comfortable for the next four. Damon hit the nail on the head in his comment on my last entry: To paraphrase, just too much too soon after a big race and that led to a domino effect of problems with fatigue and injuries.

I think it's interesting how during the winter and spring I could put in regular high mileage (that being a relative term... for me it means consistent 50-80 mile weeks), and in most cases could rebound quickly after 30-40 mile training runs with little recovery time needed. Even the 50-mile ultra I did at Pineland saw a quick recovery. However, after each of the two 100-milers I've done it's been a struggle to get the plane back in the air.

Anyway, before I ramble too much I'll just close by saying after my next 100-miler I'm going to allow ample time for recovery and not rush anything. I am certain I could have been back at it a lot sooner had I played it a bit smarter post-Vermont 100. I anticipate a good break after my marathon a week from Sunday... perhaps at least a month of very light running (20-30 mile weeks) before it's time to start thinking about laying down a base again for the big show.

On a side note, I noticed Garmin cashed my check for $99 for the repair, so I should be getting my 305 back pretty soon. I'm about ready to drop kick my old 201.

Ran 5.9 miles @ 7:44/mile pace.
Paved roads.
Slightly hilly.
Lower 60s, sunny.
Shorts, short sleeved shirt.


mindy said...

I think you have a smart plan. You're paying attention to things before you get behind the curve and into trouble. Rest makes us stronger, it doesn't mean we are weak. Looking forward to cheering you guys on at MDI!

Sonriserunning said...

Training is always peaks and valleys,but when your in the valley you only rememeber the peaks. Mindy's words ring true.