Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jim Hutchinson Has Passed Away

I just learned that Jim Hutchinson, the race director for the Vermont 100, has died. I didn't know him well, but I distinctly remember that each time he handed me my buckle for the past two years, he met my smile with one just as big. You could tell he really enjoyed putting on the event, and all proceeds from the race went to a good cause, Vermont Adapative Ski & Sports. I've heard a lot of great things about him, and this is obviously really sad news.


Bob Gentile said...

wow ... do you know of what? How old? what a shame !

Anonymous said...

That is very sad to hear- we saw him just a few weeks ago. He was so young. Thank you for sharing the news.

brent boyle said...

that's really sad. i met him for the first time last week at VT100. he handed me a buckle, too. here's a link to the story: http://politickervt.com/meganstewart/1382/state-rep-jim-hutchinson-found-dead-home

Stew said...

I worked with Jim for many years at the VT races and VASS as a ski instructor. I can tell you that Jim was exactly the same guy you saw 12 days ago, bigger than life (didn't need a microphone), generous as all get-out, hard-working, boundless energy, big-hearted, level-headed, honest, kind and so many other things.

No one can replace him; it'll take at least 4 people!

The best article about his passing so far was in the Times-Argus