Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mapping Out What's Next

Went out for a nice little run this morning in between rain showers. Rained a little at the beginning and the end which was refreshing. It's been raining all week and a good dumping is expected later today and tonight. Good week for not-so-good weather since I'm recovering.

The run itself went quite well. The right calf felt a little tight, but nothing bad. It loosened up some as the run went on. Quite pleased and overall I felt better than I thought I might.

Ran 4.2 miles @ 8:57/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - 138/153
Paved roads.
Mostly flat.
Intermittent rain, overcast, humid.
Shorts, cap.

I'm still relishing last weekend's race. Man, what a great challenge that was and I had so much fun. I'll be riding high about this one for months, just like I did last year.

But I also don't want post-race depression to set in too badly, so I'm already mapping out what's ahead. Yesterday, I finally registered for the Mt. Desert Island Marathon. This race is very special to me, as it was my first marathon and I'm going to try to do it every year. It is so well organized, so scenic, so challenging, and so much fun. My father is flying up this year to run it also which will make it even extra special this year.

But three weeks before that, I also plan on running the Vermont 50. A bunch of fellow Trail Monsters are planning on running it as well, so it will no doubt be a blast. I ran it two years ago and really enjoyed it. Look forward to doing it again. I'll register for it soon, but wanted to register for MDI first since it has a cap and it's popularity continues to increase each year.

There's also the Stonecat 50 which I'm on the fence about. It's just three weeks after the MDI Marathon, and I think that'd be a bit much, given that the Vermont 50 and MDI Marathon are also just three weeks apart. If I don't register, I'll at least volunteer there.

Plan is to bike tomorrow, weather permitting. A few have asked if I plan on doing a triathlon anytime soon. The answer is no. I will be hitting the bike more often but it's more to build up my quadriceps and get in some good general cross training. I'd be open to maybe doing one in a few years, but it's too far ahead to even consider and I have enough on my plate with running goals.


Damon said...


Be careful plotting what's next. I've found over the years that I'll often run well for a week or two after a big race, and then I'll get hit by an unexpected slump. I think my recovery time for 100s is less now than it was 6 or 7 years ago, and you'll probably recover faster this year than last. But, don't get yourself hurt by doing too much too soon.


Love2Run said...

I'd love to do MDI with you again Jamie. It certainly is a great race, one of the best in my books too. Maybe next year. Recover well!

Frank said...

What about the Bluff 50k??

Jamie said...

Damon - I hear ya. I suspect I'll be good to go though.

Mike - I'll be thinking of you and the other two blind moose at PEI while I'm at MDI. At least we're both running marathons on the same day on islands with three initials.

Frank - That does look tempting! But two weeks after my marathon will be too much. I definitely don't think I'll be doing Stonecat upon further reflection.

mindy said...

Sounds like a plan, Jamie! Glad to hear your first run back went well and that you haven't had that post-race letdown too bad yet. See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you are already out running again. I'm glad you are all set for the MDI marathon. Maybe this year I'll get both of my parents out cheering for you along the way.