Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mackworth Island Run

Ran from a friend's house to Mackworth Island where I ran around it once and then returned. The island is pretty neat... it hosts a school for the deaf and blind, a burial site for former Governor Baxter's dogs, and coolest of all, a fairy village of small houses made of sticks and shells built by children. There are dozens, if not hundreds of them within one wooded section.

Run itself felt good. While I didn't feel any muscle soreness, it is obvious that the body is still recovering. This was evident by me thinking I was running faster than I actually was, and also quantified with the heart rate data. For this pace and this course, the HR would probably normally be in the mid to upper 130s. Instead, I was in the lower 140s. Nothing out of the ordinary and to be expected for only being a week and a half out from a 100-miler, but a noteworthy observation nonetheless.

Ran 8.8 miles @ 8:26/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - 142/161
Paved roads and trails.
Slightly hilly.
Mid to upper 70s, sunny.


Anonymous said...

One of these days I have to make it out to that island to see the fairy houses. Glad to hear that you are recovering nicely.

mindy said...

Reminds me of the UGA mascot burial site...in the stadium. Glad to hear you're recovering well and good info from the HR monitor - another great reason to use one.

Love2Run said...

Sounds great. Too bad you don't have pictures to share with us too ;-)

Jamie said...

Mike - I should get one of them fancy little wrist cameras like the one you have.. those are great!