Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Beating the Heat

With temperatures supposed to get up to around 90 degrees today with high humidity, and an "unhealthy air quality" alert thrown in for good measure, I was thankful to get an early start on the day today.

This was due primarily to me waking up earlier than expected because of a strange dream that I no longer remember the details of (not a nightmare, just one of those bizarre dreams that makes you ask "what was that about?"), followed by a need to hit the water closet and I couldn't fall back asleep afterwards.

The 5am news started and they headlined with the poor air quality which prompted me to hurry up and finish up my coffee (I roast my own beans, and just got in a shipment of Kenyan AA Hiriga beans that are, shall we say, exquisite) and mow down a bowl of fruit and yogurt to be out the door by 6am to at least beat the heat. Because of the bad air, I decided before I headed out to just run 4-5 miles as a precaution instead of the 7-8 I had hoped for. I thought this might be overdoing it, but it ended up being the right call for a different reason...

Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle was the deer flies. It was already close to 70 degrees when I started and I guess that was enough for them to have a jump start on their day. The little bastards were swarming me throughout the run, definitely among one of the worst bouts with them I've ever had. Glad I got an early start on the day, I can't imagine what they'll be like when it gets even warmer. I may have to stick with running on the roads for a while until I sense they've calmed down. Fortunately, somewhat cooler weather is returning in a few days.

I'm taking the road bike in today for a tune-up. I plan to use it more for running errands and cross training. I'm also keeping my eyes open for a bike that's more commuter-friendly. Gas prices are ridiculous, and it's a great way to stick it to the man.

Ran 4.6 miles @ 9:20/mile pace.
Trails, dirt roads.
Very hilly.
Upper 60s, muggy, hazy.
Shorts, short sleeved shirt.


Damon said...

You roast your own beans? Cool. That's something I've wanted to try for years, but I've never really done anything about it.

The deer flies are bad here in VT right now. When I go out running with the dogs, the flies swarm the dogs. Then, I want to kill the little buggers without smacking the dogs. I don't want the dogs looking at me with a "Why did you hit me? I didn't do anything wrong that time" kind of look

Jamie said...

Damon - Yup, been home roasting for several months now. Brew it in a French press and the quality is amazing. Cheaper also. If you need help getting started, let me know.

Love2Run said...

Mmmm, love coffee! Hope the flies are gone in a few weeks for you.

Bob Gentile said...

Gas prices are ridiculous, and it's a great way to stick it to the man.

Haha Amen to that!!! I been sticking it to the man for 12 years now by working from home, I avg 3,000 miles per year driving the past 3 years...

Don't worry so much about the bad air quality your making a great cup of joe to offset the bad air :-)

and can u email me a little more info Jamie on the coffee beans set up...I also wanted to try that



Jamie said...

Bob, man I'm envious of the little driving you do! Most runners, especially ultra runners, seem to love coffee, so I think I'll do a "how to" post explaining home roasting soon.