Wednesday, February 05, 2014


As expected, school was called off today. But let me rewind a bit... Yesterday's second run never happened. I was so wiped out from waking up ridiculously early and it caught up to me big time in the afternoon.

Normally, I would have viewed it as a challenge and another mental victory by sucking it up and running as planned. However, the circumstances were different. Kate's birthday is today but we had her celebration dinner planned for last night. It would have been incredibly selfish and rude to take her out in a zombified state with glazed over eyes and a brain stuck in slow motion, capable only of monosyllabic words at best with a risk of drooling whenever my mouth opened.

So, instead I came home and took an hour nap which was the perfect reboot. For insurance, I had a shot of espresso. Then we headed over to Miyake for an incredible dinner and a really great evening. The six course meal was nothing short of epic and though it's something we can only really afford on special occasions, it was worth every cent.
Pictures Kate took of her meal. 
And now... today. Woke up with a pulled/strained/whatever shoulder muscle which had me sleeping uneasy, so I was up pretty early (though not as much as yesterday). I hit the woods as soon as it was light out. The snow had just started so I wanted to take advantage of running on the trails for one workout, knowing I might go out later in snowshoes to break in my connector trail.

It went well. Very pretty out and of course I had the woods all to myself. Also caught a very fleeting glimpse of a snowshoe hare; I wasn't sure what I saw until I approached the area and saw the tracks. Fun run.

Ran 7.3 miles @ 10:18/mile pace.
Trails, packed snow with 1/2" of fresh powder, increasing to 1"-2".
Very hilly.
20F/-7C, overcast, moderate to heavy snow.
New Balance MT1010, long tights, windbreaker, long sleeved shirt, short sleeved shirt, buff (for neck), beanie, gloves.

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