Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Woods Out Back Revisited

Beautiful afternoon out. Gladly hit the woods out back for a trail run. Was going to do five or six miles, but opted for the bigger loop. Legs definitely felt a little tired, but no worse for the wear. Happy to do a little extra today to make it mentally easier to take a rest day tomorrow and go fly fishing.

Plan for Pineland is pretty much a reverse taper. I expect to do two long runs, next weekend and the weekend after. Then it'll be a two week modified taper leading up to race day. Haven't run the 50-mile distance in two years, so looking forward to diving back into the ultra world.

Ran 7.3 miles @ 9:47/mile pace.
Trails and fire roads.
Very hilly.
Lower 60s, sunny, breezy.
New Balance MT110, shorts, short sleeved shirt.

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R. Ian Parlin said...

The ultra world is looking forward to having you back.