Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Few Tempo Miles

Ah, today's workout allowed a little speed. Goal was just to remind my legs of MP pace without taking anything out of the bank. However, I was pretty undisciplined and the pace was way faster than it should have been. Despite that, I'm confident I won't go out too fast on Monday. I'm pretty good about that.

So, warmed up for a mile that was pretty quick 7:10 followed up by two more miles at 6:41 and 6:34 respectively. Even though those were way too fast, I was still encouraged by how ridiculously easy they felt. The taper is working.

Ran 3.0 miles @ 6:48/mile pace (includes w/u mile)
c/d Ran 1.1 miles @ 7:57/mile pace. 
Paved roads. 
Slightly hilly. 
Mid 50s, overcast, humid. 
Saucony Virrata, shorts, short sleeved shirt. 

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