Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon Tragedy

It is very hard to express how I'm feeling right now. A mix of sad and angry. Race times are absolutely meaningless and I can't believe something this tragic has happened to a community that I hold so dear to my heart. All runners are brothers and sisters and my heart goes out to those who lost someone or were injured.

Thankfully, Kate, her parents and I are safe. All of my friends are safe. The bombs went off when we were already on the road.

The second blast went off across the road and 100 feet down from where Kate and her folks were spectating. A friend who was with them stayed behind to watch another friend after I finished. She's safe, thankfully, and witnessed the blasts first hand. What if they were on the other side of the road and down just a bit? I would not be able to live with myself.

Other "what if" scenarios keep racing through my head, but I am just thankful we're safe and very sad for those who who lost someone or were hurt.


Grellan said...

Glad to hear that you and your family and friends are safe Jamie. I just can't understand the senseless violence.

unstrung said...

hope you will write about your race sometime when you're ready. it Does matter... don't let "them" take this from you.