Thursday, May 24, 2012

Squeezing In A Run

Very busy day (and evening) today. Was able to squeeze in a quick trail run in the woods out back. The bridge on the fire road is still under construction so I took the swamp trail instead. Saw three deer and checked out the swamp some. Looked for salamanders under logs, but no luck.

Also broke in a new pair of Nike Waffle Racer XIII racing flats. They felt great. The grip actually has some teeth, so I envision using these for shorter trail runs and using the Brook Mach 13s for the shorter road runs and interval work.

Looking forward to the Pineland Farms 10K on Saturday. Hard to gauge times and goals, but I guess under 41 minutes on that course would be nice, as would a top 10 finish. Talk is cheap though.

Ran 4.5 miles @ 9:19/mile pace.
Mostly flat.
Mid 60s, partly cloudy, humid.
Nike Waffle 8, shorts, short sleeved shirt.

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