Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Cold

Damn, two days off in a row.  Not good.  But this summer cold has knocked me on my butt.  I got home from working my summer job today and planned to lay down for a little nap before I ran.  Little, my arse. Three hours later, I awoke, and had to force myself not to go back to sleep.

Felt super groggy and my sinuses were a mess, so decided nixing today's run might be logical.  I guess my body needed the rest.  Granted, I did wake up early this morning (3am) and couldn't fall back asleep, but that was also cold related.

Good news is I only have to work a couple of hours tomorrow.  Should have plenty of time and hopefully energy to do my speed workout.  Weather looks nice also, with dryer air having moved in.  I think I'll be fine as far as being okay enough from the cold to do the workout.

Also really looking forward to a long run this weekend.  Speed is coming back very nicely on the shorter distances, but need to start translating that to the longer distances.  I suspect that will come along pretty efficiently.  Legs seem to be remembering the longer stuff, based on the mountain runs, but I've yet to test them on the roads, so we'll see.


Grellan said...

That progression run must be very encouraging, particularly when the pace came so naturally. A day or two of rest is no harm as summer colds are a bummer.

Damon said...

I've been fighting allergy problems for days now, so maybe it's not a cold. Have you tried any antihistamines to see if that helps? I hope you feel better soon.

Jamie said...

Damon, that could very well be it. Had been thinking that as a possibility, but failed to mention it. Definitely will swing by the drugstore soon.

Sparkplug said...

Hope you're feeling better today Jamie!