Sunday, July 25, 2010

Long Run in Acadia National Park

The tranquil pitter patter of rain and cool temps made it all too difficult to get out of bed this morning, but somehow I managed.  After coffee and breakfast, Kate and I made the hour drive over to Acadia National Park to get our runs in.

Plan was to run the Eagle Lake loop (six miles).  I really like this loop because it's scenic and challenging, so didn't mind doing it three times.  Plus, it'd make it convenient for Kate and I to check up on each other since we were running different paces and distances (she had ten on tap for today and did great).

Going clockwise, the loop is pretty easy for about the first three miles.  The hills are pretty slight and gradual.  Then, the carriage trail begins to distance itself from the lake and climbs a really long and steep hill.  It's a total buttkicker.

Did the loop clockwise twice and for the last one I did it counter-clockwise just to mix it up a little.  Afterwards, went up the trail for a little over a mile and then back to round the mileage up to twenty.

Definitely was far from firing on all cylinders today. In fact, after the first two miles I had wondered if I would do the whole run. Just wasn't feeling it. Fortunately, when I hit that big hill after mile three I began to start to feel better and enjoyed the climb. However, never really felt okay until mile eight. Pretty long time to warm-up, but was just thankful that I did eventually come around somewhat.

Ran 20.0 miles @ 8:27/mile pace.
Carriage trails.
Very hilly.
Upper 60s, overcast.
Saucony Kinvara, shorts, singlet (shed singlet after first loop).


Sparkplug said...

Nice! The Eagle Lake loop is definitely a good one! Jealous you guys were up there- hope it waw fun!

Love2Run said...

That's a long time to get warmed up but you stuck with it! I love parks and trails for running.


i also did a long trail run on saturday 3 hours, it took me an hour to get going, after that a felt much better.
I blame my early sluggishness on a mega progession run on Wednesday.
Maybe you were still stiff from your 10 x 800m session ?

Luc said...

That's one thing I never got to do in Maine. Run @ Acadia. Gread job on the 8 mile warm up too. :)

Acadia Mind said...

Acadia National Park is a runner's paradise. Aside from the carriage roads like around Eagle Lake there are hiking trails and 2 half marathons and a marathon in the area. Check out our blog for running ideas in Acadia.