Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Early Morning Yasso 800s

I like to think I'm a morning person, but that's in the sense that I like having at least two hours to lounge around, drink coffee, get caught up on the news, check Facebook, check running blogs, or whatever.  It's not really for running, and when it is, it's either long runs or easy runs where I can take my time waking up.

Today would be different, as I consider my speed workouts to be very important and I didn't want to do it too close to the race on Sunday, so after yesterday's rest day, today was really the best day to do it.   Long story short, busy day today so I really only had time to do it in the early morning.  Plus, today is going to be another hot one, so it's nice to beat the heat.

I got to the local high school track a bit after 5am and did a mile warmup.  Actually felt pretty good, which carried over into the actual workout.  I hit all six reps pretty consistently, with a little over three minutes of light running in between each interval.   Glad I did this.  Maybe it's incentive to do early morning runs more often.

Warm-up:  1.0 miles @ 8:21/mile pace.
Cool down:  1.2 miles @ 10:01/mile pace (barefoot on the athletic fields).

Upper 60s to lower 70s, humid, sunny.
Asics GT-2130, shorts.


pathfinder said...

I wish I could run in the Am like would help me ramp up my miles a bit and work on speed...unfortunately I leave for work at 4am so i would have to do middle of the night running and that would interupt the little bit of sleep I get. Great splits on the 800s

Trail Boy said...

Excellent job. And as I suspected, a speedy pace. Congrats.