Friday, February 29, 2008

Updated Race Schedule

Resting today and probably tomorrow also for the 50K run we're doing on Sunday. Good time to update my race schedule for the rest of the year and jot down some thoughts, since I just registered for a few more.

March 2 - Trail Monster Fat Ass 50K - More of a glorified training run amongst friends. Will be interesting given the snow storm that's supposed to hit tomorrow (yup, another one).

April 12 - Bear Mountain 50-miler - this will be fun for nostalgic reasons, as I used to live very close-by and my mother's side of the family has firm roots in Peekskill across the river from where the race is being held. I'm a bit nervous as North Face is putting on this race as part of a series, and there were several reports of big problems last year for the series, related to bad race management. I'm hoping the corporate giant learned a few lessons this time around.

May 25 - Pineland Farms 50-miler* - No worries about race management with this one. Top notch in every aspect. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I'll be running it. May opt to concentrate on training rather than risk temptation to "race" this one relatively close to Western States, which I want to do well at. Goal should be to put hay in the barn around this time, not burn it. Will see how I recover from Bear Mountain before deciding. There are 50k and 25k options available, but an admittedly stupid all-or-nothing mentality is preventing me from considering those at the moment.

June 28-29 - Western States 100 - The big show. By far the biggest race on my agenda and I have a great crew assembled for it. Stephen has graciously offered to fly out and pace me. My father and brother will be helping me crew again, and they did a fantastic job last year when helping me with the Vermont 100. Also helping crew will be my friend Brooke who lives in the area and is a Reiki Master. A-Team for sure.

July 19-20 - Vermont 100 - Expectations are somewhat low since this is just three weeks after WS. It'll be fun though, and that's all that matters. Many do WS and then VT every year (though last year there were four weeks between the two races). I'm confident I can do it and finish. I'll just be slower.

October 19 - Mt. Desert Island Marathon - I've vowed to do this race every year. It's beautiful, fun and very well organized. Good amount of time to recover and concentrate more on speed work leading up to this one.


Anonymous said...

Wow, a Reiki Master on your team. Perhaps you can convince Brooke to come to Vermont to help the Trail Monster Team. Pretty cool stuff.

Ange said...

I am just now figuring out that you are an endurance runner! Wow. I read Pam Reed's book this winter about a lot of those races. I am impressed. I absolutely can't imagine how you do it. Kudos to you. I will be reading your blog with great interest this year. It's nice to have a fellow Mainer out there as well. Hope this storm doesn't hit you too hard. We're looking at another foot here I think! It's amazing really. Just like when we were kids.

mindy said...

Nice schedule! You should do the Eastern States 20 miler as a compliment to the Western States 100! More snow... can you believe it??

Sarah said...

I can't believe all the snow you've been getting. I hope you don't get hit too badly for your run tomorrow!

Love2Run said...

That 50k looks like a pretty knarly run on a good day. Hope the weather co-operates. So what are you doing in Aug & Sept? On holiday from racing? Nice schedule.