Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Good Day for X-Training

The weather has been pretty non-running friendly today and yesterday (school was canceled yesterday, and might be tomorrow). Good week for it, since I'm in recovery mode from Saturday. School was on today, so it was a good opportunity to take advantage of the school's gym after the students were gone. I'm pretty fortunate to have good equipment within easy reach, and its also free. The Polyphonic Spree was good company on the headphones while I worked out.

Elliptical - 5.8 miles in 30 minutes.
Random hill setting.
Level 10 out of 16.

Stationary bike - 7.9 miles in 30 minutes.
Big hill setting.
Level 6 out of 16.


mindy said...

More snow. Man, I'm looking forward to the spring thaw! Sounds like you are recovering well, take it easy - hope you get another snow day!

Phil said...

I had trouble getting my fat ass out of bed this morning because it was 34F outside and I had the doors and windows open in the bed room ... and then I read your blog and felt really guilty for thinking 34F on a cloudless morning represented tough running conditions!

BTW ... I finally got around to reading your 50K race report. Congratulations on a nice 50K+1.7 miler.

Marc said...

Yeah - conditions have been most unfriendly for running.

Blaine Moore said...

The mornings have been pretty crappy, but I've been getting out around 8:00 in the evenings for my runs and the weather has been pretty good both yesterday and Tuesday. Temps in the 30s, not a lot of traffic - could have done without the fog a couple days ago, but last night was beautiful.

Jamie said...

Definitely not the case in my parts.