Saturday, November 03, 2007

Isn't it a Bit Early for "Noel"?

I canceled a mountain run/hike/whatever with some friends today because of Hurricane Noel, which will pass by the coast this evening and bring with it rain and high winds. I live about 30 minutes from the coast, and we're supposed to get gusts over 55 mph this evening. Conditions up in the mountains looked pretty bad in their own right, so I opted out of the trek. As far as I know, my friends still set out as planned. They are definitely much heartier than I am!

So instead, I opted for a medium-long run today and will also drive by the coast in a few hours to check out the waves. If I get some good pictures, I will post them later. As for the run, it was a good one. I wasn't feeling particularly speedy today, but I still felt good and the miles came along easily. Overcast and cool out, a bit breezy but nothing bad at all yet. It's always nice to run alongside the Saco River for a little bit. Another few miles tomorrow and I'll meet my 40 mile goal for the week. Shooting for 50 next week, then 60 the week after.

Ran 14.4 miles @ 7:50/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - 150/166
Paved roads.
Moderately hilly.
40 degrees, overcast.

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