Friday, November 16, 2007

Garbage Week Musings

Crappy week for running for me so far. Just very busy, which is making the excuses come easy. Not a good cycle to get into, and I don't plan on letting it last long. Looking forward to a good run tomorrow and a longer one Sunday with the Trail Monster crew. Speaking of the gang, check out my good friend Ian's race report from the Stonecat 50 and wish him congrats. It was his first 50 and he rocked it.

New statistics are out for the Western States 100 lotto. Turns out with the increased number of entrants this year, there is only a 16% chance of getting in! That's less than half of what it was last year (37%). Bit of a bummer the chance is smaller, but on the other hand, there are some significant positives if I don't get in. For one, I'd run the Massanutten 100 instead. Doing so would mean cheaper travel since it's down in Virginia. Also, it'd allow an extra month to get ready for the Vermont 100, which I would love to do again this year. Either way, I have a good race plan to look forward to.

So on December 1st when the lotto takes place, James and I will gather over at Stephen's house and watch our fates unfold online as the lucky runners are selected and posted online as the names are drawn. Well, fate is a bit strong of a word. But it'll be a fun time regardless of what happens and I hope at least one of us gets in. No doubt 2008 will be a memorable running year like this one has been so far.

Happy running!

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