Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Fifteen Before Dark

I'm quite pleased with this run, not so much for the distance or pace, but because I did it on a big lack of a good night's sleep. For whatever reason, I woke up at 1:40am and could not return to slumberland (I probably fell asleep around 9pm). But throughout the day, I kept psyching myself up for the run and sincerely looked forward to it, despite being very tired. That was enough, and I felt great throughout.

I faced a pretty brisk headwind along with a very gradual uphill for the first half of the run. But as I turned around to head back south on the return, I enjoyed the wind at my back and the gradual downhill. Dusk was well under way by the time I returned. Thank goodness for reflective vests.

Great run. Likely won't run tomorrow because of a dentist appointment, but I'm on track for my plan of 50 miles this week. Looking forward to 60 next week and then 70 the week after that.

I should note that the below elevation graph makes the route look much tougher than it actually is. It's misleading, as the climb and descent is actually very gradual, hence the "slightly hilly" rating.

Ran 15.0 miles @ 7:41/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - 151/164
Paved roads.
Slightly hilly.
Mid 40s, partly cloudy, breezy.
Clothing: athletic shorts over compression shorts, fleece jacket over short sleeved tech shirt, beanie, reflective vest.


Anonymous said...

That graph does make the hill look gnarly. Sounds like you have a good ramp up plan. I am slowly creeping up to 75 mile weeks prior to the Fat Ass 50K.

Looking forward to our next run. Until then, take it easy and enjoy!

Love2Run said...

Now I get it, you ran after school and not at 1:40am when you couldn't sleep! Looks like you're back as far as the miles and times show.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Very nice job with the run. It's always nice to get the headwind out of the way in the first half of the run and get the help on the way back.

Addy said...

great job! How exciting to be getting up to those numbers :)

I sometimes find it exhilirating to run on little to no sleep (did it a lot in undergrad since I pulled all nighters regularly :D)