Monday, October 01, 2007

Woohoo, Mile PR!

The XC team was set to do time trial runs between 2-5 miles today, but I thought I'd join them for the first mile to see if could set a new PR for myself. I'd need to break 5:41 to do so, and thought I could. So after a two mile warm-up, I set off with those speedy little whipper-snappers and broke my old record by :10 seconds, finishing in 5:31. Hilly mile also. That time is of course nothing for many of the kids on our team though. It is humbling doing speed workouts with those guys, but I'll take that PR with no problem!

Ran a cool down a little less than two miles and called it a day. Good run.

Warmup - 2.1 miles @ 7:09/mile pace.
Mile - 1.0 mile in 5:31
Cooldown - 1.8 miles @ 7:51/mile pace.
AHR/MHR for the mile - 164/171
Paved roads.
Slightly hilly.
Upper 50s, sunny.


Marc said...

"Hilly mile also."

Why does this not surprise me?

Anyway, congrats on the PR!

Blaine Moore said...

Nice work!

Michael Jay Dotson said...
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Michael Jay Dotson said...

A 10 second PR in the mile?! Outstanding. Heck, it took Haile a full 26 miles to shave a measly 29 seconds off the WR.

Mark said...

GTG on that PR! something out of the blue and not expected makes sense to keep reading your blog

Love2Run said...

I missed that 'hilly part' on my 1st read. Nice work Jamie! You're ready to go.