Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Short Jaunt

First run after the marathon was a short one. Legs of course felt a bit sore, but nothing out of the norm which is good. I'm going to take my time with recovery and then I'll decide what's next in the relative short term. One thing is for certain, I'd like to build up a big base like I did last winter. XC season is winding down, so it'll be much easier to do that soon. I really enjoyed putting in those 70-80 mile weeks last year and would like to get to that point again. Difference is I'd like to do more on trails and depending on the snowfall, that could mean more XC skiing and also snowshoeing... both of which I enjoy immensely. I'd like to do two 100-milers this late spring and summer, and I want to run both strong. Lot's of prep work to do to get there.

Ran 1.5 miles @ 7:57/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - N/A (couldn't find the chest strap, but later found it in the back of my car)
Paved roads.
Slightly hilly.
Mid-60s, sunny.

1 comment:

Thomas said...

You want to do not just one but two 100-milers???

Someone's got bitten by the bug!