Thursday, September 27, 2007

Where in the Heck is Autumn?

Another hot one today. Not as high of a temperature today as yesterday, but the humidity made up for that. Very muggy out with the passing of some big thunderstorms this morning that helped saturate the air with moisture. More are expected tonight as a cold front pushes through, and the cooler air behind it will be most welcome.

Got in an extended workout before meeting up with the XC team to help overlook their practice. Legs felt a little rusty with all of the time off this week, but no big deal.

Ran 4.2 miles @ 7:40/mile pace.
Paved roads.
Slightly hilly.
80 degrees, muggy.


Love2Run said...

Autumn is coming, have no fear! I finally got my copy of Marathon & Beyond and thoroughly enjoyed reading your take on MDI (twice). Nice writing, you should do one on your 100 miler (after knee surgery and all that)!

Sue J. said...

It figures: I leave Vermont and now it's 80 degrees every day. Think you'll get any snow this winter?? If not, you can come out to CA -- the Sierras have already been dumped on a bit. Sorry to hear you were ill!

** 3:21 ** you can do it!!

Yer bud,

Blaine Moore said...

It isn't even October yet, and you live in Maine! Autumn doesn't come by here for more than a week at a time before October...

Jamie said...

Mark - Thanks man. I have a good friend who ran the VT100 that has a story that blows my knee comeback out of the water (cancer). He'll be submitting it in soon.

Sue - thanks! That snow sounds great. Can't wait for it to get up here. Hee hee.

Blaine - ummmmmm, the normal temp for this time of year is 64 degrees for a high.. I can't recall it getting into 80s and 90s for 4 days straight when here in Maine or when I lived in NY for this time of year.

Runner NYC said...

The weather has just been crazy! We had no air-conditioning in the gym, today, and I might as well have been running outside!

Loved your article in M&B!!