Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Despite a chilly, relentless rain we took the XC team out for a nice 6.1 mile hill run. Actually, this course really only features one hill, but it goes up for 2.8 miles, getting progressively steeper until you reach the top. It's a buttkicker, and our team looked really strong pushing up to the top.

Part of the descent is on trails, and I pulled ahead with the frontrunners during this stretch. Some fun was had splashing each other with mud (these are high school kids after all) when we reached any particularly big puddles. Great workout, and we (or should I say, I) really pushed it hard. Very happy with the pace and heart rate for a route this hilly. Amazing how much the cooler temps can make a difference in performance.

Ran 6.1 miles @ 7:02/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - 159/171
Paved roads and waterlogged trails.
Very hilly.
Mid-upper 50s, steady driving rain.


Bob Gentile said...

Ya I can't wait till it drops down to the 80's here-LOL still 90's & humid(sigh)))

Sounds like a great/fun muddy run...ahhhh those kid :-) and geesh 7 min pace... I need to get faster, well let me change that... I WILL GET FASTER!!

Marc said...

Splashing around in mud puddles...sounds like fun.

Looking forward to getting together this weekend.

Thomas said...

Playing in the mud with the kids - what great fun.

George said...

Sounds like fun, though I doubt I'd have looked strong running up a long hill that gets steeper the farther up you go!

SunnyHeirReborn3 said...

Interesting Blog - glad u find ime for some chess too - lol