Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fartlek, MDI Marathon

Yesterday's rain gave way to sunny skies, cool temps and windy conditions. Nice because the sweat evaporates faster. A fun part about my role as assistant coach for the XC team is that I often get to work out with them. Was happy to take part in today's fartlek drill. Went very well. Break down is as follows:

Ran 6.8 miles total @ 6:44/mile pace.
2.0 mile warm-up @ 7:27/mile pace.
5 X 5:00 minute fartleks with :10/:15/:15/:10 intervals between race and sprint speed. 2:00 rest in between.
Fartlek average pace between 6:00/mile and 6:13/mile.
.8 mile cool down @ 7:59/mile pace.
AHR/MHR - 154/174
Paved roads and grassy field.
Mostly flat.
Upper 60s, sunny, windy.

I also finally registered for the MDI Marathon yesterday. I wanted to get to a point where I felt I could run it at least decently before I decided to enter, and feel like I'm there enough now. Only about four weeks left to train for it, which isn't a lot, but distance-wise the hay is already in the barn. Just need to continue to get in some speed workouts like I've been doing and I feel I'll be okay.

Goals for the marathon? Well, I'll be happy to break 3:30. If I don't it won't bother me much. I'll just give it my best, have fun, and whatever happens, happens. I already got my fulfillment of big, personal accomplishments for 2007 with the Vermont 100, no need to get greedy.

Heading up to Mt. Desert Island this weekend to meet up with Andrew, Marc and Mike to run parts of the course, including a long run on Sunday. Very much looking forward to that.


Grellan said...

Hi Jamie,

Your paces look faster than mine. You should certainly break 3:30 at the MDI.

Bob Gentile said...

Bro u will hit 3:30 or dang close to it...& ya what a great job at VT100... that might be planned for 08' for me not sure yet though...gonna log a couple more 50's first before I double up:-)

Love2Run said...

Yeah, that's quick! I hope that we can slow you down a bit this weekend so that you'll be well rested. Will you be needing a drag shute or an anchor?

sue j said...
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Sue J. said...

Ooooh, Mt. Desert -- such a cool place!! Wish I could join ya, Jamie! Can't wait to read the trip report.

Yer bud in SoCal :)