Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Climbing Back on the Horse

Ran 10.0 miles @ 7:50/mile pace. Progression.
Paved roads.
Very hilly.
Temps in upper teens. Partly cloudy.

Finally, I felt okay to run today. Energy felt normal, sinuses calmed down, and no more coughing up green stuff. Original plan was to do 10 miles at an easy pace. I ended up doing a pretty good progression run, and on one of my hillier routes to boot. This was a good welcome back. First two miles were with some fellow teachers who are getting into running, which made for a good warm-up.

Mile 1: 9:03 (w/u)
Mile 2: 9:28 (w/u)
Mile 3: 8:09
Mile 4: 8:04
Mile 5: 7:51
Mile 6: 7:50
Mile 7: 7:33
Mile 8: 6:59
Mile 9: 6:39
Mile 10: 6:53

Worth noting that through mile four I felt very rusty/not-warmed-up/whatever. Once again, felt progressively more at ease as the pace quickened. That was pretty obviously because of feeling warmed up.

I missed some key workouts with being sick, but after today I feel better about things now that I'm back in the saddle and put out a pretty good performance today. I've also officially registered for the Mid-Winter 10-mile Classic this Sunday. Will run 10-miles before the race (a few more details in my last blog).

Perhaps not worth noting, but I will anyway: I'm growing out my beard, and today produced a a nice array of snotcicles at the end of the run. This alone is a good enough reason to grow facial hair in the winter.


Mark said...

Go get em' on Sunday-will be looking for your "locked in" MP results on CoolRunning!

Bapp said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better and getting back to usual running. Good luck on the 10-miler. Snotcicles...nice.

Michael Jay Dotson said...

Nice progression on your 10 miler considering that you've been sick.
Good luck Sunday.

Mark said...

Jamie, not to send a mixed message, be careful on the ten miler as to how you feel and not to overdo trying to maintain MP for the full distance.