Monday, January 01, 2007

The Body and Mind Were Willing...

... but the weather was not. Very icy and treacherous out there today so I nixed today's run. I nearly had Jackass-like fall down my front steps this morning when I went to check things out. Unfortunately, it never improved much.

So, with the boredom of today I calculated my running totals for the year. Looking back, it's nothing impressive. Despite that, I put out what I consider some respectable race times in 2006, but looking at just my mileage totals, I'm wondering how. Granted, I was doing faster runs with the smaller amounts of mileage, but I'm starting to see the benefits of putting in higher mileage totals, which I began mid-November. It only makes sense, given the marathon and ultramarathon schedule I want to do this year. And with that, I'm hoping 2007 blows last year out of the water.

Jan - 122.0
Feb - 119.2
Mar - 115.4
Apr - 70.6 (very sick)
May - 109.3
Jun - 98.8
Jul - 121.8
Aug - 163.6
Sep - 148.1
Oct - 112.4
Nov - 199.4
Dec - 279.9

2006 total - 1660.7 miles


olga said...

December looks great, just in time for your marathon in less than 2 months! But it was a good thoguht not to break any legs on ice.
Nice run the day before, so no need to feel guilty, really!

Bapp said...

For the race schedule that you have planned for 2007, it seems that you should come close to beating your 2006 mileage just with the races themselves.

Mark said...

nice mileage progression, lately. . .