Saturday, June 18, 2011


Pretty humid out today (70% with temps in the mid-70s), but a good run all the same. Getting pretty acclimated to the hotter weather now, but I'm still not there yet. I almost didn't run with the handheld today, but was really glad I did. Filled it with coconut water and I ended up draining it.

Saw several cyclists out today, exchanging waves or hellos with all of them. They are a welcome sight around where I live, and for whatever reasons it seems there have been more and more of them passing through my area in the past few years. Makes sense, since the county roads have really wide shoulders, and it is a beautiful area. Glad they are discovering it, it's just nice to see other fellow athletes out while training.

Ran 10.2 miles @ 7:37/mile pace.
Paved roads.
Slightly hilly.
Lower to mid 70s, partly cloudy, humid.
Saucony Kinvara, shorts, hand held bottle w/ coconut water.

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mindy said...

I need to try some of that coconut water! Great miles, J-Rock!