Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ossipee Hill

After nearly a week in Kansas City, it's great to be home. Despite getting back yesterday in the afternoon, a run really wasn't an option. However, a long nap was. I slept about three hours, and then got another seven last night.

I felt well rested this morning, but wasn't sure how fueled up I would be for a run up Ossipee Hill. All I really had to eat yesterday was a turkey sandwich. Turns out I was fine, and no doubt the big bowl of oatmeal this morning helped.

So, I was off. It was warm and humid out, but throughout the run I didn't mind it one bit. Quite enjoyable, in fact. This was no doubt aided by the very low number of deer flies. I guess all that cool, rainy weather the past week really helped bring their numbers or at least their activity levels down. I really only felt them on a few sections and they were low in numbers and moving slow (and therefore easy to kill).

Great run over and reached the summit and climbed the firetower to the first level that's halfway up. From there, I could see Mt. Washington and the surrounding peaks of the White Mountains, as well as the ocean. Enjoyed the view for about ten minutes then ran back down.

I took the exact same route back and on the powerline trails I saw the cutest little baby porcupine. Really adorable little critter. It was no bigger than a football, and looked quite plump and healthy. It didn't really seem too deterred by my presence, and as tempting as it was to try to pick it up and pet it that would of course be quite foolish. I've had my fair share of being impaled by sharp objects for the year.

Great run back and felt energetic throughout. Pace for this route up the mountain was great and I didn't really push it hard. Was surprised that I only drained half my water bottle and even that felt forced. However, I did have two cups of tea and downed about 20 ounces of water before I headed out, so I guess that was ample hydration.

Was thankful to get 42 miles in this week despite a hectic trip out to KC. However, I 'd like to hit it pretty hard the next handful of weeks in preparation for the Brookvale 50K next month. Already have a long run mapped out for Tuesday and would like to do some interval work on Thursday. Rest of the runs will be general trail runs, but might throw in a road run strictly to get in some faster leg turnover.

Ran 12.8 miles @ 8:55/mile pace.
Extremely hilly.
Trails, dirt roads, fire roads, dirt road shoulders.
Upper 60s to mid 70s, partly cloudy and humid.
Adidas Adizero XT, shorts, short sleeved shirt, cap, hand held bottle (water).

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